Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Obamacare Come Undone.

The train wreck, known as Obamacare, thrown together from scrap parts in a lengthy law nobody had read, may be receiving the ultimate blow to its foreseeable death.  Thrown together with backroom deals, changing Senate rules, and shielding the media from the proposed law, Obamacare has been anything but controversial.  However, in a hurry to pass the law so we could "find out what's in it," lawmakers may have overlooked key wording that may unravel the very fabric of the law.

In a 2-1 decision, the D.C. Circuit of Appeals ruled in Halbig v. Burwell that the administration had violated the Affordable Care Act by stretching the language detailing subsidies.  The law clearly states that the subsidies must go through "an Exchange established by the State."  However, only 14 states and the District of Columbia have state exchanges.  That would mean subsidies through the federal government,, would violate the law's wording in the other 36 states.

However, the language was clearly intended by the authors of the law.  Believing support for the law would grow, Democrats wanted to pressure governors into setting up their own exchanges.  Expectations would not meet reality.  Therefore, the IRS expanded the definition of a state to mean the federal government in 2012.

On the news tonight, I now hear Democrats are arguing that the wording was meant to encompass the federal government.  It's absurd, but it doesn't surprise me coming from Democrats.

  • Democrats try to change the meaning of the Second Amendment to mean the government's right to bear arms and not the citizen's.
  • Democrats interpret the First Amendment to be within the speech and religious limitations which they want to allow.
  • Democrats, as well as some Republicans, interpret the Forth Amendment to extend to a general warrant when the NSA wants to track its own citizens.
  • Democrats also expand the Fourteenth Amendment's right to privacy to extend to a right to have an abortion.
  • Democrats also interpret voter identification, even in states that would provide free identification, as a poll tax expressed in the Twenty-Forth Amendment.
  • Democrats, finally, interpret laws that they don't agree with as law that they just will not enforce, such as previous border laws.
Should it really surprise us that what laws say and what actually results from the interpretation under Democrats are two different things?  They are loose constructionists.  Their agenda is to bend and twist the words of the Constitution in order to fit their agenda.  The reason they must do so is because the Founders envisioned a country based upon freedom, not one where you would be forced by the federal government to buy health insurance or pay a fine.

Democrats are worried because they know if this ruling goes against them, Obamacare will come undone.  The healthcare law can only survive if enough young, health, and wealthy people can pay for the elderly, sick, and poor.  It revolves around the redistribution of wealth.  If the federal government cannot redistribute wealth from the federal exchange in these 36 states, the law becomes ineffective because it cannot supply healthcare to those it is supposed to help.

In conclusion, this case will be appealed to the Supreme Court eventually.  The Court will most likely be forced to deliver its own ruling on the case due to the importance of this case.  Let's hope this time John Roberts has his head on straight.  Additionally, let's hope Republicans start physically writing our own healthcare plan, so we can get a real solution to this country's healthcare problems.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Incompetency after Scandal after Lie.

Let's take a quick recap of this year so far in news headlines.

January- We enter the year mocking Obamacare, the biggest scam and tax in the history of America, because the government was to inept to even get a properly functioning healthcare site working in 2013.

February- The employer mandate for Obamacare is extended as the whole system seems to be on the brink of collapse.

March- The Ukraine looks to be in unrest with Putin sending troops into Crimea, and our President is nowhere to be seen on the world stage.

April- The Obama administration finally reacts to the crisis in the Ukraine by imposing weak sanctions on targeted individuals and companies close to Vladimir Putin.

May- The VA Scandal breaks of secret wait lists and veterans dying while waiting for medical care.  Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki resigns later this month.

Bowe Bergdahl is illegally swapped by the Obama administration for the terrorist dream team held in Guantanamo Bay.  The administration cites health concerns, which turn out not to be true.  The administration also tries to claim that the United States did not negotiate with terrorists, which is clearly false.  It is also discovered Bergdahl was a prisoner of war due to his desertion.

June- Iraq is being taken over by terrorist group ISIS.  One of the factors aiding this terrorist organization is the United States pulling out of the region too soon.  It is later discovered Obama was warned against doing so, but he ignored his advisors.

The IRS says all of Lois Lerner's emails, as well as six other IRS official e-mail accounts requested by Congress, have been wiped out.  IT experts say the emails would be recoverable.  However, the government will have none of it, declaring them gone.

The Supreme Court unanimously rules that the Obama administration acted unconstitutionally when the Executive branch bypassed the legislature when appointing recess appointments.  Later, the court rules the Obamacare contraceptive mandate violates religious liberty.  These court cases pile onto the growing list of unconstitutional Executive action.

It becomes apparent that the United States is facing a humanitarian crisis at the border.  Over 90,000 illegal aliens are expected to cross the border this year.  The Obama administration starts shipping illegal immigrants to states that do not have highly contested Senate races this November under the cover of dark and refuse to disclose the illegal immigrants' locations.  While fundraising in Texas, Obama refuses to visit the border because he isn't interested in "photo-ops."  Later, it is discovered the Obama administration knew of this influx of illegal immigrants that would be coming for the past two years and did nothing about it.

July- With Israel facing a threat from Hamas, a State Department recognized terrorist organization, in Gaza, the Obama administration seems to be distancing itself from our only ally in the Middle East and not supporting Israel's right to defend itself from a terrorist organization.

Ouch!  It has definitely been a difficult year for the Obama White House, as most sixth years are for presidents.  However, it seems that every week now, the Obama administration is giving us another major headline story that is either incompetent, scandalous, or a lie.

Lies:  Obamacare does not save the average family $2,500 a year, and it certainly isn't reducing the deficit.  Obamacare, additionally, is not as easy as using Kayak.

Bowe Bergdahl's health was not in danger.  We were also misled by not being told Bergdahl was a deserter , which cost seven other soldiers their lives.  Finally, the administration told us that the United States did not negotiate with terrorists.

The American public is told that Lois Lerner's emails are gone.

Obama tells the American people he is not interested with "photo-ops" at the border.

Scandals: Obamacare, IRS, VA, and let's not forget Benghazi.

Incompetency: The Obamacare website results in utter failure.

Obama refuses to step up on the world stage whether it is the Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, or Israel.

The Obama administration knew about the Veteran Affairs' problems since Obama's inauguration in 2009.

The Obama administration took no action when they knew an influx of illegals were on the way.

There's always a pattern as well.  We go from incompetency to scandal to lie but never reach a resolution in anyplace.  Tell me one area where a major news headline has ever resulted in a resolution.  The Obamacare website and healthcare system still suck.  The Ukraine has transformed into such a war zone that a commercial aircraft was shot down over eastern Ukraine, costing 298 humans their lives.  Veterans hospitals and socialized healthcare are still killing veterans.  We still don't have any real answers on the Bergdahl swap.  Iraq is now the world's first terrorist state.  We still don't have any answers on the IRS illegal targeting.  Illegal immigrants are pouring over our southern border, and the Middle East still has major unrest with Israel invading Gaza.

So much for Obama's "year of action."  He's got his pen and phone, but when it comes to actual issues of importance, Obama is missing in action, a deserter.  He's all about calling gay athletes and using his pen to sign unconstitutional executive orders.  He's all about attending fundraisers and hitting the golf course.  However, when it comes to actual issues, he's never there to make an actual decision.

Still, I think that's exactly what he wants.  He doesn't want to deal with foreign policy, so he feels that all he has to do is ignore it for the problems to go away.  If he ignores the crisis on the border, he thinks he can avoid responsibility while simultaneously changing America's voting demographics in favor of his party.  If he dismisses all scandals as phony, he feels he can avoid all responsibility of incompetency.

Mr. President, you weren't voted into the Oval Office by citizens of the United States in order to avoid all issues you just don't feel like dealing with.  Your job as President of the United States is to make the tough decisions.  However, when America needs you most, you are out fundraising on taxpayer dollar or hitting the golf coarse again.  Mr. President, it's time we got some resolutions to your problems.  It's time for you to man up and deal with messes you have created and messes other nations have created.  That is your job as leader of the free world.  Mr. President, if you didn't want to do the job you were elected for, you shouldn't have run for the office in the first place.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Shot Down in the Ukraine.

This is what happens when two of the biggest news stories of the year collide and form another worldwide crisis.  Earlier in the year, the world became captivated over the Russian invasion of Crimea.  A few weeks later, the world was glued to their televisions, trying to understand the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  Now, the two stories have seemed to physically collide.

I woke this morning to find Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 had been shot out of the sky over Ukrainian airspace.  Traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, the flight was carrying 280 passengers and 15 crewmembers.

However, over eastern Ukrainian airspace, MH17 was shot down near the Ukraine-Russia boarder.

In previous days, this part of eastern Ukraine was prone to flights being shot down because pro-Russian separatist have been targeting Ukrainian military aircraft.  In fact, this is the third aircraft shot down here in four days.  With this information, the pilot decided to fly over this zone, of which he has the authority to change coarse at any time for any reason, and was shot down at 33,000 feet by a surface-to-air missile. 

These surface-to-air missiles are highly sophisticated weapons used to bring down aircraft.  With thermal, optical, laser, and radar used to track incoming aircraft, these weapons have the ability to hit their targets up to 72,000 feet.  As their job is to just to bring aircraft to the ground, that would explain why large chunks of the aircraft remain after the collision.

It is now confirmed a Russian Buk launcher took down this plane.  Whether it was a Russian, Ukrainian, or pro-Russian separatist missile is still under investigation.  However, most speculate it is the pro-Russian separatist's.

However, whether this event was intentional or unintentional is still also under investigation.  If the pro-Russian separatists had been tracking a Ukrainian military aircraft and the commercial flight had also been in the region while using the thermal system, the missile would have tracked the larger commercial flight.  Additionally, they may have thought this flight was a Ukrainian military aircraft.  Furthermore, pro-Russian separatists may have just decided to shoot down any flight that flew within the region.

Now, body parts and plane piece remained scattered across Ukrainian grounds near the boarder.  No one survived.

If the blame does fall on these pro-Russian separatists, it will be interesting to see who the blame falls upon.  Does the world blame the separatists?  Does the world blame the Ukraine because this group is within the country's boarders?  However, if it is true that these weapons that the pro-Russian separatists have are indeed from Russia, will the blame fall on the Russian government, and will Vladimir Putin be seen with the blood of 295 dead individuals, 23 of which are Americans, on his hands?

Update: It was discovered that there were three infants on the flight, so the death toll is actually 298.

Update: An audio clip from the Ukrainian Secret Service captures two Russian intelligence officers and two pro-Russian separatists talking about the plane they shot down.  This clip could directly tie both this pro-Russian separatist group and Russia to this shoot down.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In Defense of Bob Beckel.

Bet you thought that you'd never be reading this.  However, Bob Beckel needs to be defended no matter his political affiliation.

The Five is one of my favorite television shows, so I actually saw the whole "controversy" as it happened.  While trying to make a point, Beckel became very heated and passionate over his statement, and the term "chinaman" slipped.  To be perfectly honest, I had no idea "chinaman" was even considered a derogatory term.  However, I soon found out when laughter came from both the kitchen of my house and the co-hosts on the show.

Now, California State Senator Ted Lieu, who is also currently running for Congress, is calling for Beckel's resignation after the televised slip of the tongue.  However, this seems nothing more than to stir up his Democratic base in California so that he can win his district's seat.

It's also important to take into account that this is not Beckel's first slip on the air.  In fact, he's had so many that BuzzFeed has constructed a list of his slips, and even this list is incomplete.

However, people like Ted Lieu are too sensitive about words.  A word is just a word, and nothing more.  It is how you personally take the term that makes it offensive or not.

With that being said, there are some terms in society that are completely off limits due to historical context.  An example of this would be the "n" word.  The "n" word carries a history of slavery and white supremacy with it that makes the term foul to everyone in America.  However, the term "chinamen" does not even pale in comparison to the "n" word.

People calling Beckel a "racist" and "xenophobic" are completely overreacting to an unfortunate slip of the tongue on national television.  From what I have gathered, the term is equivalent to an insult.

Although I cannot personally identify with this term, Beckel has also used the term "greaseballs" to refer to Italian-Americans and then apologized by using a Godfather reference.  First of all, I don't even know why he had to issue an apology.  It's true; Italians are greasy.  If you're going to take such offense to a single word, how are you possibly going to get through life?

And that is what this entire debate boils down to: personalized racist words.  With so many words now being deemed "racist" or "demeaning" to certain people, I feel like I need a handbook for the words that might be considered offensive terms.  Get over yourselves.

For all you on the right who are also calling for his resignation so that you can "finally turn it around on the Democrats," shame on you.  You're just as bad as they are.  You don't care about the First Amendment and freedom of speech.  All you care about is controlling other people as well.

Finally, if Bob Beckel didn't get fired from Fox News over dropping the f-bomb on Hannity, I very much doubt he will be going anywhere anytime soon.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Mess That is the Middle East.

America first became attentive to the unrest in the Middle East last year when Syria's civil war became a political issue.  The question at hand: should America become involved in Syria's civil war when Syria's dictator, Assad, used chemical weapons on his own people?  At that time, America responded overwhelmingly with a resounding "No."  However, as I have seen in recent months, maybe we, myself included, made the wrong decision.

To fully understand what has happened in the Middle East, it is important to backtrack to the beginning of the story.  After 9/11, George W. Bush made the decision, with the support and approval of Congress, to invade and overthrow the Iraq regime, controlled by Saddam Hussein.  This decision was probably made in order to finish up George H. W. Bush's business from the Gulf War back in the 1990s.  By 2008 however, Americans had grown tired of war and decided to swing far to the left in electing Barack Obama, a man who campaigned on the promise of pulling the US out of Iraq.

While Obama had slowed down his withdrawal of troops from his initial promise (in fact, even surging in Afghanistan), Obama has still kept his promise of pulling the US out of Iraq, and for the most part, the Middle East.  However, reports broke in 2014 that Obama was following political motives, instead of listening to his generals and intelligence reports.  Obama was warned that leaving the Middle East in his fashion would create a vacuum, but he did it anyway because politics was more important than the safety and security of the Middle East.

Before all of this became extremely apparent to the general public, the Syrian Civil War became the topic of late 2013.  At least a year before, Syrian rebels had become engaged in conflicts with Assad's government.  However, by the time Obama wanted America to become involved because of his red lines, the rebels had been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  With a country in civil war, terrorists easily gained a hold in the country, especially in the East which borders Iraq.

However, everything has come crashing down in the past month for the Obama administration.  On May 31, 2014, the Obama administration swapped five high-profile terrorists for our lone captive in Afghanistan, Bowe Bergdahl.  Obama had not followed standard protocol by informing Congress 30 days in advance.  The administration claimed they broke the law due to the health and safety of Bergdahl.  However, even this claim was contradicted when Susan Rice went on talk shows and said Bergdahl's doctors in Germany said he was in good health.

Outrage ensued further as even Dianne Feinstein was angered at the Obama administration.  Then, America discovered Bergdahl deserted his post, and as a result, seven troops died in missions looking for him.  Obama had delivered a terrorist dream team to the Middle East so that he could shut down Guantanamo (another campaign promise), deliver a deserter to US soil, and get the VA Scandal off the front pages of every newspaper.

While all of this outrage ensued at home, the Obama administration knew of the growing power of ISIS in the Middle East, most likely gaining power from the vacuum Obama left behind.  This was a terrorist group so extreme, not even Al Qaeda wanted to be associated with them.  (I didn't know the group that flies planes into the World Trade Center is considered moderate among radical Islamic terrorist groups.)  Obama's only reaction at the time would be to call ISIS "JV" when his intelligence was telling him otherwise.

Now, ISIS is the richest terrorist organization in the history of the world.  They now have their hands on Hussein's previous chemical weapons stock.  The extremist terrorist organization is claiming it has obtained nuclear technology in Iraq.  (You know, the kind we were told Iraq did not have.)  Lastly, Iraq is on the verge of falling, if it is not considered already fallen.  We are witnessing the first terrorist state in the history of the world.

All this comes at a time when we cannot even control our borders at home, threatening the national security of the nation along the southern border.

Finally, Israel, our only ally and democracy in the Middle East, is almost ready to send ground troops in order to fight the State Department recognized terrorist group Hamas in Gaza.  The third day of air strikes between the two is ensuing, as the Palestinian death toll rises to at least 78.

The Middle East is in chaos, and the President of the United States does not look like he even cares.  The man who promised to restore America's leadership around the world seems to have lost all control over foreign affairs.  At least in former administrations leading up to the Reagan Presidency, the presidents adopted the concept of containment, even Jimmy Carter after he got burned.  However, Obama seems to be letting the world run amuck as he is too concerned with attending party fundraisers.

The man who promised to restore American leadership around the world has not restored our leadership role, but continues to disgrace and tarnish any thread of respect still left.  We let the Middle East run amuck, and then the President tells Iraqi leadership to deal with the problem on their own, a problem we made.  America has repeatedly been made the laughingstock on the world stage thanks to Vladimir Putin, shown through, but not limited to, the Syrian civil war situation last year, the Ukraine, and Edward Snowden.  Finally, America has even lost the trust of our allies because of the US Spying Scandal.  This is shown through Chancellor Angela Merkel throwing a top US spy out of her country today.

However, what is to expect when you elect a young senator who frankly doesn't give a damn about foreign policy?  When your president is more concerned about redistributing wealth than battling terrorism in the Middle East, when your president is more concerned with telling women they are victims due to the Hobby Lobby case than maintaining our ties with Israel, and when your president is more concerned with attacking Republicans than maintaining the relationships of the few allies we have left in the world, chaos will ensue.  If the United States does not get its foreign policy act together soon, the turmoil will eventually hit our own shores.  Radical Islam will continue to spread, and dare I say, WWIII could be closer than you think.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Scott Sense: Thank You.

It all started a little less than a year ago.  I had become fed up with the government (and my previous liberal government teacher), and soon, I would be heading off to a liberal college campus.  In my efforts to maintain my sanity when I believed the thought police would start to swarm me, I made the bold decision to exercise my First Amendment right and express my opinions.

At first, writing was just a way for me to form my opinions and stay true to my beliefs.  However, in no way, shape, or form could I imagine the positive feedback I would receive (especially from home) when I shared a blog post on Facebook.   My personal blog, getting about 10 views a day, shot to over 100 views that day and made me think.  The best way to influence change is through yourself.  You have to be the change you want to see in the world.  Therefore, I saw this as my opportunity to make a difference in my community, so I continued to share my thoughts in hopes of informing and also influencing opinion.

And thus, my public blog was born.

On July 3, 2014, I received my 10,000th view, which couldn't have been a greater gift for Independence Day.  And while this number in itself is such an amazing feat I never imagined I would reach and must thank you for, I believe it does not full encompass all I have to be thankful for.  Therefore, I figured it would be best to run down everything I am thankful for all because of you.

The Views.

Scott Sense: "Selfie Olympics" More Self than I Can Handle.  325 views to date.
Atheists Trying to Use Science to Support Their Claims Against God is Complete Ignorance.  237 views to date.
Scott Sense: Should Electronic Cigarettes be Allowed in the Workplace?  184 views to date.
If the Confederate Flag is Racist, so is the American Flag.  184 views to date.
To Dispute Some Liberal Claims on Duck Dynasty.  162 views to date.
Why Liberals Attack Fox News. Fear.  158 views to date.
Scooby-Doo! A Satire of Liberalism? 140 views to date.
Why I Don't Support Feminism  137 views to date.
A Message To Teenagers and Young Adults.  134 views to date.
Jennifer Lawrence. Bringing the Class Back to the Role Models in Hollywood.  132 views to date.
Women. Stop Pretending to be the Victim. 123 views to date.
Best Conservative Political Cartoons This Year  122 views to date.
In Defense of Megyn Kelly and Santa Claus.  110 views to date.

I don't think you get to see the individual views per article, but this is absolutely amazing.  To have 13 of my posts viewed over 100 times is amazing.

Some of the time, you know when an article might get a significant amount of views, such as "To Dispute Some Liberal Claims on Duck Dynasty." when the entire country is enthralled around the comments of the show's patriarch.  Most of the time however, I have no clue.  Who knew being disgusted over a selfie, reading an article on astronomy, electronic cigarettes, or even a Confederate flag being flown on your own college campus would intrigue so many people? 

I am always looking for new topics to discuss.  If you have an idea, leave a comment in the section below.  You could even send me an email.  All contact information I want to disclose is under the "About Me" section, which will link you to my Google+ page.

The People I've Met.

There is no greater laudation I've received than people telling me something along the lines of, "I read your blog online, and I think it's really good."  My other favorite is, "I read your blog online, and while I disagree with you, I respect your opinion."  The point of writing isn't so you always agree with my opinion.  It is to get people thinking, and while I hope I may be able to persuade you, I find it extremely respectful to agree to disagree.

On a side note: One that I haven't received, but would like to, is, "You are so sarcastic.  I really get and like your humor."  For some reason, many readers refuse to read my three line intro, but will nit-pick my article for something I say in which I use sarcasm or hyperbole.  Let's go over this one final time (hopefully): I am a young, sarcastic conservative who likes to call things as I see them. I do not "sugar-coat" anything. I may make some very angry, but I don't care. I just hope to inform people of the conservative viewpoint and why I find its ideology logical.

Additionally, writing my blog has carried the way of finding many likeminded individuals on campus.  I am extremely grateful God has placed these people in my life, even if it is just to have an hour a week to intellectually talk about a specific political topic without being surrounded by liberals.

Another of my favorites is when you get that Facebook message from someone you haven't talked to in at least two years, and he says, "Scott your blog is hilarious. I absolutely love it."  (And I quote.)  This has to be the highest form happiness I can receive, and I want to thank everyone who I have met or come back into contract with through my blog for you not only to read it, but also talk to me about it.  That is awesome.

Finally, I want to thank all those people I have met, but really haven't met.  You have welcomed me into your lives for five or ten minutes even though you have no idea who I am.  Obviously, when I write about American politics, I expect most of my audience to be American.  Kudos on becoming informed.  However, I always love when I get international views from places like England, France, Germany, Croatia, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, and even China.  The place that most touches me though (and which I get a lot of my international views from) is the Ukraine.  My last name is Americanized Ukrainian.  Therefore, I always wonder if maybe a long-distant relative is reading.  (Message or email me if you are.)

The Hate.

Most people think receiving hate mail would be discouraging and demeaning, but I am extremely thankful to those sending shade because they have taught me to handle criticism graciously and professionally.  If I was worried about receiving hate mail, I obviously wouldn't have started a political blog; it practically comes with the territory.  I also believe if you don't receive criticism for what you believe, then you mustn't be have a strong moral backbone to stand on because not everything you believe is going to be popular, unless you want to just follow the crowd.

Therefore, I would like to share with you some of my hate mail with personal commentary.  (Please, feel free to enjoy the humor and sarcasm at times.)

"Yes, Scott. You can marry your dog."  Are you trying to use my own sarcasm against me?  I must say I have never been attracted to dogs.  Maybe it's because they display the same rabid traits as feminists.

"ur gross"  Wow!  That is such a strong argument supported by facts and reason.

"Wow! You are so right! Have you read his other blogs? They're so ridiculous! This kid's an idiot! Everyone at my campus thinks it's hilarious! My professor found it and showed it to our class haha. Prime example of what not to do lol."  Again with the strongly supported arguments.  This time on my intelligence.  Maybe that's why I graduated valedictorian in high school and attend the 32nd Best National University according to US News (University of Rochester).  Although, I am glad your professor showed you my article.  It's probably the only conservative reading you'll do in your time at college, even if your professor was trying to make fun of a student he's never even met.  Real professional of him.  Everyone at your campus thinks it's hilarious?  Wow!  You either go to a school for the brainwashed or are being trained for a government job.

"f*ck off scott"  Keeping it classy, I see.

"I'm a bit worried that you may be retarded. Who gave you a computer? Honestly, not to be a dick, but your blog is terrible. Like genuinely awful sir. Wow. That's all I can say. Wow."  No, I think you really were trying to be a dick.  Which would you prefer?  A statement from my doctor that I am not actually retarded or my actual IQ score?  Hint:  Choose the first, because judging on the intellectual arguments you just made, you will come away from the IQ test feeling like the retard.

And those are just the one's that are saved.  There have been plenty more.

In fact, I got hate mail today!  Who would have though someone so passionate about my work would take time out of celebrating their Forth of July to post on Twitter " I don't like your blog"?  And then, seven more people would take time out of celebrating their holiday to favorite the tweet.  Am I special or what?  More than a year after I have graduated high school and those crazy kids still can't forget about me.  That is real satisfaction right there.  You have given me the greatest gift of knowing that I am making a real difference in the world, and even though you may not agree, you obviously are still reading and staying politically informed, which is all I could really ask for.

Finally, Thank You.

Thank you to whoever is reading this and has ever read a post of mine.  You have taken time out of your life, and for some God-known reason, have decided to hear what I have to say.  Whether friend, family, acquaintance, stranger, or hater, you have all been there along the way over the past year.  The interaction I have received from you has been incredible, and I hope to continue and grow our friendship even more.  If you have suggestions, I am more than happy to listen and discuss them with you.  (I just will not email you first.  I am crazy protective about Malware and Viruses.)  Other than that, there are plenty of ways to get in contact with me.  There's messaging below, email, Facebook, Tumblr, and as you can see, Twitter.

I can not be more gracious for you accepting me into your lives, and I can only pray for us to be able to continue this for years and years to come.  Thank you so much.  Freedom!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Scott Sense: Stop Trying to Make Soccer Happen.

Stop trying to make soccer happen.  It's never going to happen.  American, frankly, don't really give a damn about soccer.  Never have, and never will.

I've seen a lot of hard-to-watch sports over the year (mostly thank to Olympic coverage), ranging from the marathon to cross country skiing, and even speed walking.  However, there is no worse sport for me to watch than soccer.  It is the equivalent of watching grass grow as people run on top of it.

First and foremost, many Americans find soccer boring because it is such a low-scoring game.  Americans just love to be on the edge of their seat towards the end of a 0-0 game.  For example, many American enjoy watching March Madness basketball because they are interested to see if their team can come from behind or hold off the other team.  Nobody is interested in watching their screen for 90+ minutes when there seems to be absolutely no action going on.

Many may counter this argument with: "Well, why is hockey so popular in America then?"  The difference between hockey and soccer is that even though hockey is a low scoring sport, there is a lot of action to the everyday viewer.  Somebody is always getting slammed against a wall, or there is a fight on the ice.  What do you get in soccer?  A referee holding up a yellow or red piece of paper?

Additionally, where is the physical-ness of soccer?  In basketball, there is man to man coverage.  In hockey, there is someone getting slammed against the glass.  In football, the front lines are going at each others' throats.  In soccer, there are a bunch of pansies faking injuries in order to get someone else "carded."  Yep, that always gets me in the mood for sports, watching grown men act like five year olds.  I mean, take a look.

Yep, that's my sport right there.  Rolling around on the floor and crying to the teacher that little Jimmy hurt me.

And what's with this clock counting up, and then adding more time on?  I want to know when it's the end of the game.  I'm looking for that buzzer beater at the end to win it.  Instead, I have no clue how much time is left in the game.  You get to the end, and it's like a salesman going, "No wait!  There's more!"  Haven't we had enough of this scoreless torture?

And what's up with so many ties?  This is America.  We don't do ties.  We only know two ways for any conflict to end.  Way number one:  We come into Europe and kick Hitler's ass for you.  Or way number two:  we retreat from Vietnam or Iraq in failure.  (Thank you LBJ and Obama.)  We don't do ties.  Instead, we do overtime, extra innings, and shoot outs until one side emerges victorious.

And what's up with team USA tying and losing and still making it to the next round?  Figuring out whether the US would advance or not was trickier than Obama trying to explain his new healthcare regulations.  Teams should have to win to advance.  I've never seen where a team can be 1-1-1 and advance out of pool play.

And for all those saying that soccer is really catching on in America, I think you really need to put this in perspective.  The USA vs Belgium had 16.49 million views.  A regular season football gave easily receives over 20 million views.  At this stage, the soccer game would be the equivalent of a playoff game, which averages between 30 and 40 million views.  Additionally, the Super Bowl last year garnered 111.5 million views.  There's a reason advertisers compete for great Super Bowl commercials and not soccer.

I would even bet that most of those views came from people who actually play soccer and desperate women hoping to catch a glance of a soccer player without his shirt on.  (Almost any news substance, especially on The Five, always turned to soccer players' appearances than the actual game itself.)

In conclusion, soccer is a boring sport to watch for most Americans and will not be catching on in America anytime soon.  It is a sport you sign your five-year-old up for because you want to introduce him to sports and t-ball doesn't start until the spring, so I guess soccer will have to do.  It isn't the sport you turn on to see the riveting ending to that 0-0 match, which will SHOCKINGLY end in a tie.

My only regret is that Ann Coulter beat me to writing her article on soccer first, even though I've had this idea since news of the World Cup began.

And you can read the follow up to that one as well.