Thursday, December 5, 2013

Feminists: Please Check Society Before You Speak.

So, I was on a website that had some left-leaning tendencies, and an article was advertised on the side for "3 Minutes That Show How The Media Failed Women In 2013."  Naturally, I had to watch the video, so I could dispute them.

But before we get to the video, I'd just like to point out a few facts first.  Of the top paid musicians this year, Madonna and Lady Gaga took the top two spots.  Of television actors and actresses, Sofia Vergara took the top spot.  There are many women CEO and others at the tops of their corporations.  The 113th Congress has more women than any preceding it.  And yet you still say change isn't happening fast enough?  Would you like us to just hand the world over to you through affirmative action?

Secondly, you feminists have a clear double standard.  When Sandra Fluke was out there whining for free birth control, they had no problem getting behind her.  However, when Martin Bashir makes comments about how someone should defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth, you fell silent.  The same goes for all other conservative women who are constant targets of the left: Laura Ingraham, Michelle Bachmann, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Christine O'Donnell, Elizabeth Hasselback.  And let's certainly not forget Liberals at the Democratic National Convention attacking Michelle Malkin and chanting "Kill Michelle Malkin" along with other derogatory language.  Where were you there?  If you really care about all women, then why do you only defend people on the left?

But then again, just me asking these questions gets me labeled as a sexist.  You ask a question they don't like, and you're considered a sexist.  You call them out on what they are actually doing, and you're labeled a sexist.  You expose the truth, and you're labeled a sexist.

As you can see, I don't really care.  So, onto the video:

The first thing I'll tackle is the chunk of commercials that seem to be selling sex.  I'll first start by saying that women agreed to do those commercials under contract.  They were paid and agreed to it.  Therefore, why are you attacking the media for doing advertisements that work for them?  Wouldn't you want to attack the women who did the commercials?

However, secondly on this issue.  The same thing is done to men.  Men are portrayed in commercials, music videos, and many other forms of media through the scope of sex just like women.  The Kmart Joe Boxers commercial is a recent example.  So how is this any different from men?

Additionally, you attack Miley Cyrus for acting the way that she does.  I don't agree with the way she is acting, but I will defend her right to act that way.  She is an individual making a conscious decision to portray herself through promiscuity.  How is it any of your business then what she is doing as long as she is following the law?  This same thing goes for all the other artists.

All these television shows you attack are the same thing.  These girls are under paid contracts.  If it was such a concern, they wouldn't do the show.  Don't attack the media.  They are only giving society what it wants.

You also attack the image women are displayed in in society.  I agree 100% that people don't need to be twigs.  However, do you look at the men in the industry as well?  I can't tell you an extremely popular male singer who is allowed to be remotely out of shape.  I went through iTunes and literally could not find any.  It's practically a law in the music industry that the man has to appear without his shirt off at some point.  I don't agree with this, but why should the rules be any different for women in the same industries?  Seems like a double-standard to me.

On the clip from Red Eye where the man says the answers on Jeopardy can't be split because "women haven't done as much," I don't know why you're so upset.  It's a fact that women were homemakers for most of history.  You didn't even get the vote in America until 1920.  Obviously, women aren't going to be able to make up for lost time in the history of the world in less than 50 years.  It's not sexist; it's a fact.

Next, feminists in the video attacked that women shouldn't have to pay more for healthcare.  Why not?  You cost more.  I don't know, maybe it's just this funny notion I have, but I think people should pay what they cost.  That's why I attack ObamaCare.  People should not have to subsidize other people's costs.  There should be more varieties in plans because I want to pay for what I think I need.  If I want catastrophic insurance because that's all that I want, that's what I should pay.  I shouldn't have to buy these huge plans with things I don't need like maternity leave, birth controls, and abortions.  You pay for yourself at what you cost.  I'll pay for myself at what I cost.  And that goes for everything in society.  If I end up costing more on some issue, I feel I should pay more.  I don't think it's this right-wing conspiracy; I think it's common sense.

Next, onto the Steubenville rape case.  That man was taken completely out of context, so I'll fill in what he was about to say.  The rape is completely on those pathetic boys.  However, she also was partially responsible for the actions that happened to her.  Not the rape, but leading up to it.  She made the decision to drink and behave irresponsibly which put her in that terrible situation.  If she hadn't have made those terrible choices, that situation probably wouldn't have happened.  And completely remember that the rape is completely those teens' fault.  Yet God forbid, somebody make an argument that the girl was also behaving irresponsibly, and all of the sudden, you're a sexist.

Oh, next is one of my favorites: Rachel Maddow's take on Dianne Feinstein.  Just because Dianne Feinstein cannot handle tough questions from Ted Cruz because she has no idea what she is talking about does not mean that people should go easy on her because she's a woman.  The only argument she made was that she has been in public office and has passion, so that's all she needs for her ideas.  I think that if feminists truly are looking to be treated equal, then they would want to be treated equally.  Yet, that's not what feminists are fighting for.

Then, you go on to a bunch of name calling such as Wendy Davis is the "abortion Barbie."  Wow, that language is really, really mean.  Let me give you examples of what people call Conservative women, and you let them get away with it.  Michelle Malkin has been called a "Manila whore" and a "Subic Bay bar girl."  Ann Coulter has been called a "drag queen," "man," "skank," "fascist," "Hitler's daughter," "the spawn of Satan," and much, much more.  Let's not forget when Laura Ingraham was called the "talk slut."  And who can forget when Playboy published it's list of the top 10 conservative women who deserved to be "hate-f*cked."  You know, but we're the ones with the rhetoric that shouldn't be tolerated.

I'll stop there because it's an amazing accomplishment if you have read this far. 

These feminists are so nuts that they don't stand for what they even stand for.  However, you tell that to their face and you're a sexist.  So, I figured since I'm already going to be labeled a sexist, I might as well go the full way and give my entire opinion on feminists.

Feminists are craze-driven women that are only looking out for their self-interest.  They are women looking for birth control, abortions, and any other way they can get something they want without having to pay for it.  They criticize the media for displaying women in a sexual manner.  Yet, they will hold rallies where they are nude.  They say they don't want a man's help, but then will happily accept free birth control from him.

Feminism isn't about equality anymore; it is about taking what they want because they want it.  They use feminism as an excuse to boast themselves above the average individual.  They want to make men feel beneath them, rather than beside them.

I have no problem calling feminists the scum of the earth because that is what they are.

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