Sunday, December 8, 2013

In Response to the Attacking Atheists: Evolution is Not Proven Fact.

After posting a blog yesterday discussing that atheists claiming they KNOW God does not exist, I received much negative feedback from very many hate-fill, close-minded atheists.  This is my response to their claims.

First, to those who argue that there are agnostic atheists so my argument is invalid missed the entire purpose of my entire post.  I was not talking about agnostic atheists; I was talking about atheists who claim they KNOW that God does not exist. 

However, even if you want to take this approach, the main point of the article still stands.  We do not know whether God exists by scientific standards.  Still, I have faith in my beliefs, and you have opinions on yours.  Neither can be proven.  However, just because neither can be proven does not mean we should be agnostic. 

I believe through faith that God exists.  Although I cannot prove God is real scientifically, I just know.  I know when he puts that song I need to hear on the radio.  I know when I am at mass, and I can just feel his presence surrounding me.  I know when I lay in bed at night, thinking and meditating and I can just feel what he is trying to tell me.  I know when I get a fortune cookie and my prayer from the night before is word for word the fortune.  I just know.

I cannot show you any proof besides telling you the stories.  And even still, I know you will still deny my claims, saying it was pure coincidence or some psychological trick my mind is playing on me.  I know you will say that, but I don't care.  It only matters that I believe in God.  And I truly pray for you that you will come to see God.  However, I know for many of you, nothing I can say will make any difference.

To the man who wrote in response that you were raised an atheist and do not think any religion is more believable than any other, so you have chosen to believe science, I think you are missing the boat on religion here.  As a religious person who has friends of many denominations, everyone will tell you the exact same thing.  The minute differences between different forms of Christianity do not matter.  Neither does Christianity from Judaism.  Neither Christians from Muslims.  The important part is that you believe in God and live a good life.

 Now, your argument will probably be, "well, how do you define a good life?"  As much as humanity can try to place definitions on what a good life is, there is no true definition of a good life.  We have very many generic principles as to what a good life is, such as not to kill and etc.  However, God will know if you are trying to live your life faithfully because God knows everything.

Also, I respect your decision to be an atheist.  However, if you truly wanted to truly determine the right religion for you, I'd say the best way would just be to attend different forms of service.  Try a Catholic mass, a Protestant service, Methodist, Evangelical, Jewish, Muslim, etc.  I feel eventually something would come along and just click.

And finally, to all you who have sent the hate-filled messages about evolution proving God does not exist, how do you know that Darwin's theory of evolution is perfect?  I will agree that it is perfectly natural for species to adapt and change.  However, I still have this major problem grasping that humans form from this pool of single-celled organisms evolving.  I even have a problem with the ape theory.

For those of you saying that I am close-minded for not believing in evolution and stating it is scientific fact, you do not know me.  I did not even mention evolution in my last post, but I will now.  As I have stated earlier, I do think it is natural for species to adapt and change, evolve as you would like to put it.  However, aren't you being a little close-minded for universally accepting the fact.  I think it is more open-minded to have to sit through year after year of evolution brainwashing, called public school, and question the theory because I think there might also be other theories than to accept what I am told.

So why, if I am to accept that evolution is universal truth, did I see an article earlier in the year of the skull that threw the theory of evolution into turmoil?  Yet, nobody will even talk about it.  In fact, they'll probably try to say that I was just looking for something to denounce the theory.  And in fact, I was.  (Which isn't hard to do.)  But yet, you do the exact same thing with religion.  So where is there any difference between what I just did and what you do?

Personally, I believe in the theory of intelligent design.  For the person who called me crazy and said the field didn't even have any credible sources, I did a search of my the university library's of "intelligent design" for scholarly/peer-reviewed articles.  169,943 books and studies came up as results.  For a field you claim has absolutely no research, I find it very funny a search of scholarly/peer-reviewed articles could come up with 169,943 results.

The reason believers in evolution so attack intelligent design is that it truly has the ability to become a widely-accepted theory, as it already is despite not being in the school system brainwashing like Darwinism.  The fact that you do not like a theory does not give you the right to call a theory stupid and the person presenting it crazy.  It only shows that you are the prime example of the close-minded ignorance that you so advocate against.  It was not only a waste of time responding to somebody who had the mentality of a brick wall; it was beneath me to try to have an intellectual discuss with someone who was only going to try to tear me down instead of actually thinking and questioning like a real human should.

And so, I have stopped responding to any form of feedback on the issue.  I simply don't care to deal with any more cranky ignoramuses, treating Darwin as their god and unable to hold any form of conversation that is truly intellectual.  I am above wasting my time on that and so should be any other religious being on this planet.  You have not helped your cause one bit.  You've only moved up on the list of groups I cannot stand, only behind feminists.

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